Brewin’ Bros Cafe

You’d think that coffee would be the reason that someone likes a cafe.

Nowadays, it’s a lot more likely the reasons are because they like the wi-fi, the tables, or the endless plugs supplying them with the power to access the interwebs.

In my opinion, the best cafe is the kind that makes you want to stay all day.

And my favourite hometown cafe is exactly that kind of a place.

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I fell in love with Brewin’ Bros at first sight – twice.

The first time was when I saw its Instagram. Sleek, white, tabletop overlays of their coffee and treats. You couldn’t not follow an account that pretty.

The second time was when I first stepped foot inside the cafe.

I remember seeing the colour red. On the walls. On the chairs. Complemented by clean white furniture.

Everything was so…modern. The use of different textures on the walls. The sleek couches. Damn, they have couches? Sweet. This place looks like it could have been done by an interior designer.

It was modern but also cozy. Like a stylish home. And that’s a great combo for a cafe IMO.

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Although I’m not a coffee connoisseur, I can appreciate a good espresso drink – brownie points if it’s also pretty. My go-to drink here is a latte for the art and Marius, the owner, does not disappoint in this area. Best pour-over skills I’ve seen so far.

Brewin’ Bros also offers a small sandwich, crepe, and pastry menu alongside its coffee offerings. My favourite sandwich is their turkey with goat cheese and cranberries.

Their macarons are also amazing. They are made with l-o-v-e by Shelby’s Sweet Shoppe – maker of the best macarons I have ever tasted.


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With new dishes coming out every so often, I never get bored of coming back to Brewin’ Bros. Follow them on Instagram to keep up.

The owner, Marius is also a chatter box so I always learn something new and I’m always looking forward to seeing what they will come up with next 🙂

Fun Facts

1) Brewin’ Bros gets their materials from local businesses – i.e. bakeries.

2) Some of the items in the cafe are left behind or donated by travellers passing by.

The little straw baskets on the front counter are from a tourist and the books are donated.

3) It’s open 11am-11pm. Score.

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Photography by @petrouspetals

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