Classic Fall Layers

Dress Up, Chow Down | Classic Fall Layers

Let’s face it, one of everyone’s favourite things to wear in the Fall is a sweater. Yet, depending on the occasion, wearing a sweater might not be doing you any justice.

If I wore just a sweater to work, I’d feel like a bum – even though I work with creatives. So to give my cozy ensemble extra polish, I like to style it with my favourite fall layering method – putting it over a crisp white button-up.

Then just add a classic trench coat to make it extra suitable for the office! Chic.


This was my first style shoot so it felt kind of awkward to be posing – especially because I can’t pose for squat outside of a selfie. What am I supposed to do if I can’t see myself? BUT my sister was very patient. In fact, our shoot took 3 hours.

When we attempted the walking shot, my sister actually said to me, “You’re going to have to work on that.” THANKS MAN, THANKS. I hope I’ll get better at channeling that VOGUE factor. I can’t smize for the life of me – you know, unless it’s a selfie…

IMG_4544 - Crop



Now which item do you think is the comfiest to wear?

Answer: My pants.

Yup, these pants are actually partly made of spandex so, although most of the material is stiff enough to pass as a dress pant, it’s stretchy enough that a food baby will feel right at home up against it 😉

Highly recommended for chic foodies who value comfort.

Coat / Banana Republic (Similar) | Sweater / American Eagle  (Similar) | Button-Up / Ann Taylor (Similar) | Pants / Reitmans (Similar) | Shoes / Aldo (Similar) (Similar) | Watch / Bulova (Similar) | Sunglasses / Ralph Lauren via Sunglass Hut (Similar)

Photography by @petrouspetals  

Editing by @petrouspetals and @dressupchowdown

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