The Pointy Loafer

Dress Up, Chow Down | The Pointy Loafer

I can’t resist the confidence that a clickity clack heel gives me – particularly the one on this loafer from ZARA (US/CAN). (Okay, so I’m actually not sure if it’s a “loafer” or a flat. Are they the same thing? Someone enlighten me.) All I know is that a good fitting shoe with a heel makes me sit straighter and walk taller.

Additionally, the benefit of having a heel on a loafer is that you can wear it with a more casual outfit and scale it up a bit more. That’s exactly what I do here with this outfit.

Dress Up, Chow Down | The Pointy Loafer

Dress Up, Chow Down | Nude Clutch

It was cold this day (my fingers were turning red) so I was super pumped to put on this sweater for 2/4 of the outfits shot (sweater last seen here). This sweater has been on repeat for me and has so far been the best investment I’ve made in a sweater. If you’re looking for a high quality, cozy, warm and soft-to-the-touch sweater, consider this one from Aritzia. It’s currently ON SALE for under $100!

Dress Up, Chow Down | The Pointy Loafer

Dress Up, Chow Down | MVMT Watch


Because my outfit was really casual, I wanted to scale it up with this heeled loafer from ZARA (on sale for under $10) and finished it off with an evening-appropriate clutch. I love that the nude colour adds an understated elegance. I also can’t get enough of the delicate gold chain. (You might have noticed that I’m into gold hardware on my accessories – as seen here, here, and here).

Whatever the occasion is, I always like to look as sophisticated as I can while being dressed appropriately for the occasion. (Most of the time it’s hard though because my closet is a super work-in-progress. Missing a ton of essentials and too many outfits on repeat because of it!)

For example, I can’t leave the house without a watch. It’s an accessory must for me. This is a relatively new watch from MVMT that my boyfriend gifted to me. I love the brown strap.

Dress Up, Chow Down | Nude Clutch


Dress Up, Chow Down | The Pointy Loafer

This shoot location has some sentimental value for me. It’s Jackson Park in Windsor, Ontario – my hometown – and it’s the park where my siblings and I have had our proms.

(It’s also the park where I tried to get better at running but that didn’t pan out so well…)

I’m happy to tell you guys that I recently shot 4 new outfits with Denisa and I’m pleased with what I saw. She’s been doing a great job as my current go-to.

So that’s 6 posts on its way to you guys. I’ve gotten better at scheduling my shoots in advance (so we’re not sitting for 2 weeks without new content) but the downside is that my outfits are getting limited haha.

The Outfit

Sweater / Aritzia | Cropped Pants (Similar) / RW&CO | Watch / MVMT | Loafers / ZARA |

Photography by Denisa at Redeemed Photography

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Dress Up, Chow Down | Pencil Skirt Poise
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