Tips for Winter Skin Care

Winter Skin Care

There are two kinds of skin care people:

1) The ones that know they should take care of their skin but do not until they face the horror of their first wrinkle and 2) the ones that are more proactive about it. Staying up-to-date on all the latest products and becoming skin care goddesses in the process.

I’m more of the former. It has less to do with the fact that I don’t care about skin care and more that the whole thing just intimidates me. Toner? What’s toner? Do I have to use toner?

Winter Skin Care

Winter Skin Care

Winter Skin Care

Winter Skin Care

Winter Skin Care

My current skin care routine is very minimal. So minimal I don’t think you can really call it a skin care “routine”. And it only exists whenever I wear makeup – which isn’t very often.

Remove makeup with makeup wipes.
Cleanse face before bed.
Smooth skin with Vitamin C serum.


So for all the girls out there who could use a little bit of direction on what to do to up the ante on their skin care routine (*raises hand*), I collaborated with Australian blogger and beauty enthusiast, Roxana Oliver, to present you with my very first expert interview post 🙂

Winter Skin Care

Meet Roxana Oliver – a blogger and beauty enthusiast from Sydney, Australia

Where does your interest in beauty and skin care come from?

I’ve never had much trouble with my skin, a pimple here and there when I was a teenager so I didn’t care much then. I always loved make up though. I remember my dad saying to me, one day before my school (was 7 am), “Oh, I see you are ready for a night out! Nice!” Oh, the young days. I’ve progressed since then.

Then came the early twenties. Your body is kind of preparing for kids and you’re not ready yet. You probably don’t even think about it! My cosmetician told me that hormones were the reason for the sudden outbursts of gross acne on my face and that I should balance my body out and improve my skin care routine.

Thus, the obsession began 🙂

Are there any funny stories involving you and skin care products?

One time I tried this DIY turmeric mask and ended up yellowing the whole house. I couldn’t get it out of my face for three days and it looked like I was ill. But it did have amazing results. Not that I ever did it again…

What is your winter skin care routine like?

Winters in Sydney are not that bad, but since I travel a lot and usually go to Europe in the winter time, I amplify my routine for the trip. I used the Yes to Cucumbers Daily Calming Moisturizer this past winter and it did wonders for my skin.


2) SUNSCREEN. Yes, sunscreen. Winter sun (amplified by snow glare) is more direct and can damage your skin. Since My turmeric experiment failed, I decided to use a natural curcumin supplement from Herbs of Gold.

3) SUPPLEMENTS. Find what suits your skin and what are the additional nutrients that you can benefit from and go for it. Make sure they are natural and organic. Also – I wash with soap bars for acne and since I started doing that, I stopped having issues. Clinique has the best mild soap bar, and it’s worth every penny.

Do you find that winter skin care products can easily transition to warmer weather skin care?

The only difference is that I don’t moisturize as much. I avoid face creams all around unless I was in the sun all day. They tend to get you sweaty and then all the dirt gets inside the pores. So over-moisturizing is a big no-no. The rest is basically the same.

Is toner a must?

Toner is a good but not a necessary thing – specially if you don’t have oily skin. If you do though, go for it – toner is your best friend. However, I would suggest not to apply any night creams after toning and let your skin breathe through the night. It will balance itself out.

If you had to, what are 3 must-have beauty/skin care products that you would recommend?

When it comes to beauty and makeup, the list is quite large. I love MAC foundation, blush, and lipsticks, Benefit mascara and eyeshadows – and I go to Sephora for my bronzer.

The above mentioned products for skin care are my honest recommendations for the mixed skin type. If you have dry skin don’t use the acne soap bar but go for the mildest washing gels of your choosing.

What is your philosophy on beauty?

Less is more – a classic that is just that for a reason. Keep it simple and natural, whether it’s your skin care routine or your makeup habits. Go organic whenever you can, at least with skin care products.

When it comes to organic makeup, I just don’t find it as good as the regular.


Thank you to Roxana from High Style Life for collaborating on this post.

The Products

Hand Cream for Eczema by Aveeno

Vitamin C Serum (Similar) by Jules and Esther

Daily Hydrating Mud-to-Foam Cleanser by GLAMGLOW

Photography by @petrouspetals

Editing on Roxana’s Photo by @dressupchowdown

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