A Little Touch of Cognac

Dress Up, Chow Down - A Little Touch of Cognac

Cognac is the accessory colour I want to pull out when the weather gets warmer (as it sometimes does considering Mother Nature can’t make up her mind). It’s warm and it just makes sense basking in the sun.

I haven’t worn this bag since my trip to New Orleans last summer but I was happy to pull it out for a nice pop of warm colour on this random, sunny day in little old Windsor, Ontario πŸ™‚

*Currently coveting this cognacΒ Saint Germain Clutch by GiGi New York x Kat Tanita

Dress Up, Chow Down - A Little Touch of Cognac

Dress Up, Chow Down - A Little Touch of Cognac

For a nice stroll around the neighbourhood, I wanted shoes that were comfortable. This wasn’t a time for heels. So I pulled on my go-to boots.Β My favourite detail on these boots is probably the gold zipper in the back. I think it provides visual interest if someone were to check out my kicks while walking behind me.

I also pulled out two things I never wear to add to the outfit – something that said, “casual stroll in the neighbourhood”: this olive green parka and this animal print top.

I’m actually planning to get rid of both because I don’t wear them enough πŸ™‚

I can be in the mood for an olive green jacket but the fit bugs me. It’s too baggy. I don’t like feeling like a garbage bag. I have a shape, you know. As for the top, animal print is just not for me anymore. At one point, I felt like it was. But now I just feel like it’s not sophisticated enough for my style.

Reality Check

Even though you may want new clothes, you have to deal with your current clothes for a time. And even though you may not love them, realistically they may still work for the occasion you could wear them for!

*For an example of my style tastes, check out my Pinterest.

Dress Up, Chow Down - A Little Touch of Cognac

Funny story but this outfit brings back a slightly embarrassing memory. And I’m pretty sure this memory consisted of me being mistaken for a teen in my early 20s. I was at some charity event for prom dresses and, while in line to volunteer, a teen pointed at me and whispered to her friendΒ that she liked my outfit.

Rough. I want to dress like a sophisticated, career woman who can dress her wardrobe down if need be!

Even though this is how I feel about these wardrobe pieces, you have to make due with what you have sometimes. So this is me making due!Β Plus, I love olive green and cognac together, anyway πŸ˜‰

Dress Up, Chow Down - A Little Touch of Cognac

Dress Up, Chow Down - A Little Touch of Cognac

This is a neighbourhood just outside of the Willistead Park (last seen here) in the Walkerville area of Windsor, Ontario. It’s characterized by gorgeous, old houses and is home to one of my best girls, Erika.

I like this area because it’s quiet and beautiful. Oftentimes you will see people leisurely walking their dogs – especially with the park nearby.Β It’s a very relaxing place πŸ™‚

WhileΒ the houses aren’t my style (I’m more of a modern girl), I can appreciate the type of neighbourhood you can imagine your kids playing in. You know, your boys playing basketball in the street? Yeah.

What items are you pulling out for spring? Is there anything you’re trying to phase out of your wardrobe?

The Outfit

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Photography by Denisa atΒ Redeemed Photography

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