The Statement Necklace

Dress Up, Chow Down - The Statement Necklace

Whenever I feel like my outfit is too plain, I look frantically around for something to add to it.

Sometimes this can be an eye-catching scarf, some killer outerwear, a statement shoe, bag, or necklace.
And whatever it ends up being, it has to also suit the situation as well as the style of clothing that I’m wearing.

For this shoot, I decided to go back to my University, where I knew there was going to be a lot of casually dressed students around. My outfit had to make sense for the vibe but it still needed to represent me 🙄

My Style Wish List

Cotton Houndstooth Dress Shirt by Brooks Brothers

Belted Wrap Skirt by Vince Camuto

Side Button Dress by Ann Taylor

Stripe Henley Shirt by Brooks Brothers

To go with the casual spring day, I paired these olive green jeggings with this breezy neutral top 🙂

I love the side slits of the top and I cannot get enough of these jeggings lately (last seen here). To finish it off, I grounded the look with my go-to, but worn out, black flats and my trusty black quilted cross body.

A casual environment tends to scream plain to me. Or at least, “plain trap,”. And I didn’t want to fall into a plain trap. How best to exit the plain trap? I say go with the subtle statement necklace.

Dress Up, Chow Down - The Statement Necklace

Generally, I prefer dainty necklaces – or any dainty jewellery – like these ones from Vrai Oro.

But sometimes dainty jewellery just doesn’t balance out an outfit right. Cue statement necklace.

I like this particular statement necklace from Dynamite because a) it’s gold – and I like gold – and b) the design is a combination of awesome things. The fact that it’s a floral statement necklace makes it feminine. But the pearl influence makes the statement more subtle. I love it.

In fact, this necklace is the only statement one that I own. I guess it’s because it works for me!

Some people like statement necklaces to be a little louder like these ones from BaubleBar. But for me, more often than not, understated means more. And if you’re like me and tend to go the dainty, understated yet elegant, feminine, and sophisticated route, you can try the statement necklace options I provided below 🙂

I have to admit though, I was weirded out at the my idea of going back to my University to shoot. I didn’t want people I knew to see me even though I wasn’t trying to hide that I have a blog. Can you relate?

My boyfriend said, “So what? You want people to see your blog,” while my photographer said, “I couldn’t do what you do. Be shot around so many people.” My blogging girls, do you feel me on this? Generally, I care more about creating good content for you guys so I’m going to do it but it is a bit of a tickle in my side. 😛

Do you prefer dainty or statement jewellery? What’s your all-time favourite necklace like?

The Outfit

Necklace / Dynamite (Similar) | Top / LOFT | Jeggings / Urban Behaviour (Similar)

Flats / ALDO (Similar) | Bag / ALDO (Similar) | Watch / Daniel Wellington

Photography by Denisa at Redeemed Photography

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