Menswear Inspired

Dress Up, Chow Down - Menswear Inspired

I like to dress like a sophisticated and powerful – yet feminine – woman. Sometimes this means donning a power suit and other times it only means a little sprinkle of menswear here and there.

In an effort to also say goodbye to sweaters and cold weather, I wanted to show you my work uniform before it got too hot. This ad agency was pretty casual so the upper limit was business casual.

My work uniform tended to consist of a sweater and collared shirt combo with comfortable pants and heeled flats. I kind of feel like a man in this ensemble but I also feel tailored and proper 🙂

Dress Up, Chow Down - Menswear Inspired

Dress Up, Chow Down - Menswear Inspired

Sweaters are pretty common go-tos for winter fashion but to elevate it for the office I would wear them with button-ups layered underneath. The tailored silhouette of crisp button-ups scream menswear to me.

I also like to make a compromise between sophisticated clothing pieces and comfort. These pants are great for that. They’re partly made of spandex and are pull-on so you can be comfortable sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day but they’re also smart enough to keep your look together for work 😀

Dress Up, Chow Down - Menswear Inspired

Finishing off this menswear-inspired work uniform are these heeled loafers from ZARA and this brown watch. I like that the loafers are pointed instead of rounded at the end. It keeps it a little feminine but the loafer-esque look ties in the menswear aspect of this shoe. Love this one from Vince Camuto.

I particularly love the heel because I like the sounds my shoes make when I walk around in them. Plus, it gives me a lift! What short girl doesn’t want to look a little taller? 5’6″ would be nice…

As for the watch, it’s grown on me more and more since my boyfriend gifted it to me. I love the richness of the brown leather and I love pairing brown with navy. For more MVMT watches, see below 😉

Dress Up, Chow Down - Menswear Inspired

I’m really drawn to powerful and feminine women’s fashion. Like Garance Dore or the models you sometimes see on Ann Taylor’s website modelling their blazers. It’s almost like an androgynous vibe. Something like Ruby Rose. Exotically feminine but angular and strong masculinity too.

Dress Up, Chow Down - Menswear Inspired

Lately, I’ve been making some slow additions to my wardrobe for the warmer seasons. I ordered this Campbell Blazer blazer and this Regent Blazer from J. Crew – both great for a channeling menswear.

So these two blazers are supposed to come in today and I hope they fit! Bought them in petite so in theory they should work out fine. If not, might have to turn to my non-existent trusty tailor 😛

Are there any menswear inspired looks or pieces that you love?

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Sweater: American Eagle (Similar)

Button-Up: Ann Taylor

Pants: RW&CO (Similar)

Loafers: ZARA (Similar)

Watch: MVMT

Photography by Denisa at Redeemed Photography

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