Tips for Souvenir Shopping

Dress Up, Chow Down - Tips for Souvenir Shopping

Whenever I travel, I like to buy souvenirs for both myself and my siblings.

There’s something special about taking a piece of your travel destination back with you. It helps keep the memories alive and it makes for great stories if they’re on display inside your house 🙂

I’m really meticulous about souvenir shopping, though. I hate buying gifts for people only to find out they don’t really like it or are not using it. So, I like to do my best to increase the chance of success. (Sometimes this means dropping mad hints – much to the chagrin and amusement of the receiver.)

Without further ado, here are 3 things to consider when souvenir shopping – according to me 😀

Dress Up, Chow Down - Tips for Souvenir Shopping

Dress Up, Chow Down - Tips for Souvenir Shopping

Dress Up, Chow Down - Tips for Souvenir Shopping

1) Consider the receiver’s personality.

I’ll give you two examples:

My sister, @petrouspetals, likes cute little trinkets. It could be a jar full of Starburst wrapper stars or a pair of dainty stacked rings. Suffice to say, she likes pretty stuff. So, when I visited a little tea booth in China, I saw this cute jar of tea leaves and thought of her. It came in a pair so I kept one for myself 🙂

On the opposite end, my friend Paul likes cool sh*t. So I wanted to get something that visitors could look at and say, “Damn, that’s tight.” So the Chinese opera mask – which is kind of scary looking – was perfect for him. He actually still has it – even after moving once after moving out – and keeps it on his dresser.

Dress Up, Chow Down - Tips for Souvenir Shopping

2) Display items are visual first.

My favourite souvenirs are the ones you display on shelves. So, I like them to be visually interesting without being obnoxiously out of place. An example of the latter would be a jade dragon or a buddha statue.

For my sisters, I got them each a mask like the one below. Here’s the one I got for @petrouspetals.

An example of this souvenir that I got for myself was this set of maple leaves that were preserved in gold that I brought back from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. You can get them at the gift shop in Parliament.

Dress Up, Chow Down - Tips for Souvenir Shopping

3) Practical items are meant to be used.

The coasters below are an example of this. I like the white pair the most. Because of how sleek and clean it is, it can be inserted into your home decor without disrupting the feng shui too much 🙂

The thing you have to consider about buying practical items like coasters is simply this: Will this person actually use it? For me, I bought it as a display item and so far they’ve served their purpose. I considered a more subtle design – see #2 – so they could be used for display or with drinks without being an eyesore.

Dress Up, Chow Down - Tips for Souvenir Shopping

Maybe you’re the type of person that finds gift giving extremely easy. I certainly don’t. I actually have to start planning a year in advance and sometimes I even resort to asking the person what they want out of desperation. So I have to set guidelines for myself when shopping – whether it be clothes or souvenirs 🙂

If you are the type that needs a little assistance when souvenir – or gift – shopping for the people you love, I hope this post will help streamline the process by giving you insight into how I think when buying presents!

Dress Up, Chow Down - Tips for Souvenir Shopping

What are your favourite travel mementos? Do you have requirements when souvenir shopping?

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Photography by @petrouspetals

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