Discovering Clinique Beauty

Dress Up, Chow Down - Discovering Clinique Beauty

This Friday, I will be attending my first blogger event alongside a group of ladies from Michigan. This event will be at Twelve Oaks Mall and hosted by leading prestige beauty brand, Clinique.

Growing up, I don’t remember using any Clinique products but I do remember their 3-step skincare line. I liked that they marketed it as a process and I liked the colour differentiation they used between products.


Dress Up, Chow Down - Discovering Clinique Beauty

I’ve been looking up Clinique products that I’d be interested in learning more about and I’ve gathered them here for you to see. We might share similar interests in products!

The products I’ve gathered here include lips, concealer, primer, and moisturizer.

I’m still on the hunt for my go-to lip colour. I really want one that’s long-lasting, hydrating, and close to my natural lip colour. I’m also looking for better concealer and primer. The ones I use work but I feel like there’s better options out there for me. Lastly, good skin makes a great base for makeup – even if you wear it minimally like me. I would especially like a moisturizer to fight dehydrated skin while travelling.

If you’d like to explore Clinique a little more, check out this “Play With Pop” website. They used Zara Larsson’s song “Lush Life” to promote their new lip colours. I personally love the acoustic version.

Are you interested in learning about any Clinique products? Leave me your questions and concerns and I’ll pass them along at the event. There will be a post about the event – and your questions – to follow 🙂

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Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm 

Long Last Soft Shine Lipstick

Butter Shine Lipstick

All About Eyes Concealer

Beyond Perfecting Foundation Concealer

Airbrush Concealer

Redness Solutions Protective Base SPF 15

Superprimer Colour Correct Redness

Superprimer Colour Correct Discolourations

Superprimer Universal Face Primer

Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Moisturizer

Limited Edition Jumbo All About Eyes Rich

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