Confessions of a City Girl

Confessions of a City Girl - Dress Up, Chow Down

Ever since I was young, I’ve loved the city. The grandiose skyscrapers, the never-ending hustle, and how incredibly alive everything is. It makes me feel like my dreams are out of reach. Ambitious yet possible.

And it’s the drive of the city that’s calling me to make the decision I’m making now 🙂

Confessions of a City Girl - Dress Up, Chow Down

But before I tell you what this driven, city girl has decided, let’s backtrack a bit.

Ever since the beginning of April, I have been laid off. At first, I didn’t like having to explain my work situation. Somehow, I was embarrassed even though I had not been fired or released for poor performance. But, 2.5 months later, I’m perfectly okay with declaring my situation – even within the first 3 sentences that come out of my mouth when I’m at a networking event! (Bad decision? Maybe.)

Being “between jobs” is a weird experience. For the first few weeks, you feel like you’re taking an extended vacation. But then, once you’ve settled into a routine, you feel stagnant. You wonder what’s next. And you think, “How do I get to the next step of my career?” How and also how soon?

Honestly, I don’t know that answer. I just know I can’t sit still.

Confessions of a City Girl - Dress Up, Chow Down

About two weeks ago, Lauren from This Renegade Love in Toronto posted on Instagram saying she was going to finally learn to code with Brainstation. She talked about how frustrating it was to host her own website yet not know what to do with it when it crashed. She said it was time and she was doing it soon.

My brain went into overdrive. I could take a web development course with Brainstation and pick up a new skill to become a more attractive job candidate in the market. But, it’s so expensive and I’d have to move to this huge city. Also, what if I can’t learn it? What if I fail? Like, super massive fall-flat-on-my-face fail? 🙁

What if I don’t?

So I enrolled – with the immense support of my parents, with whom I live with, and will be making the move to Toronto for 10 solid weeks! Well, after I find a place that is…Anyone have any suggestions?

Confessions of a City Girl - Dress Up, Chow Down

This is probably the most personal post on my blog. I actually wasn’t sure I was going to write it because I didn’t know if I was ready to share it and I also didn’t know if you guys wanted to hear about stuff like this.

My blog is supposed to be a source of inspiration that covers many areas. It’s built on a continuous growth philosophy and is meant to help you pursue the life that you want to live. I feel like these topics are experienced by many and I hope to help readers out there in the same situation 🙂

Do you like to hear about personal things like this? I’m also thinking about doing a survival guide series to being laid off or unemployed and I might write about moving out too. Apartment hunting etc.


Leave a comment below about your thoughts on personal posts and lifestyle topics like unemployment and moving. I’d love to hear what you guys what to see on the blog! I’m always thinking about content 🙂

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