My Top 3 Restaurants in Paris

3 Must-Eat Restaurants in Paris - Dress Up, Chow Down

If you’ve been following along on Snapchat and Instagram, then you know I was in Paris for the first time about a month ago. Since returning, I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on the travel content I’ve been putting out. I’ve actually had someone ask to grab a bite with me so they could pick my brain about Paris.

There’s a couple more posts to share with you before I’m all out of travel content – at least until my next big trip. So if you’ve been loving my past restaurant posts, you’ll love this post. Today, I’ll be sharing with you the THREE restaurants in Paris that you have got to eat at! Get ready to salivate…

Holybelly (€€)

Photographed by Nico Alary

3 Must-Eat-At Restaurants in Paris - Dress Up, Chow Down

Mike and I stayed in the 10th arrondissement by Canal Saint-Martin. As a super planner and a foodie, I made sure that we knew which brunch places were available in the area. Holybelly was not only located in the same neighourhood as our Airbnb but it was also in the Top 2 Brunch Places in Paris.

4.5 stars based on 207 Yelp reviews. #score

We stopped there for coffee on one of our days there. The space sported a lot of wood as well as the glow of hanging lights and planters (see featured image). It also had hipster vibes and was very relaxed like a chill hangout spot. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to eat there during our stay but based on the stellar Yelp reviews in addition to the fact that I did enjoy the coffee and the space, I feel like I can recommend it.

*Holybelly is first-come first-serve. We actually tried to go for brunch on our last day but, alas, it was closed!

La Vache Dans Les Vignes (€€)

Photography Credit Here

3 Must-Eat Restaurants in Paris - Dress Up, Chow Down

On the other side of Canal Saint-Martin in the 10th arrondissement, lies a modern wine and cheese establishment. I was really intrigued by the name. The Cow in the Vineyards? Cool! It also made Yelp’s Top 10 Cheese Shops in Paris so I was persuaded enough to go.

As first-timers, we had the servers choose our cheese and wine pairing for us. We tried a goat cheese along with grana padano. Normally, I’d like some meat to go with this pairing but since it was my first time in Paris, I decided to do it as the Parisians do. Mike selected a red wine to go with his cheese while I got white.

La Vache is very suitable for intimate gatherings. I can definitely imagine a large group of friends taking up the whole space, sitting closely to one another, and chatting over wine and cheese 🙂

Pierre Sang (€€€)

Photographed by William Baucardet

3 Must-Eat Restaurants in Paris - Dress Up, Chow Down

Disclaimer: This was the best meal I had in Paris.

For ~39€, you get 6 small courses with your meal. In total, you receive 2 starters, 2 entrees, 1 cheese plate, and 1 dessert. On top of that, you aren’t told what you are eating until after you’ve eaten the dish! So it was a real test of palette to guess what you were eating. FYI – I got most of the ingredients right 😉

Another cool thing about this style of service is that you are much more likely to eat something you wouldn’t eat had you known what it was. This was especially the case with my boyfriend, Mike. He hates peas and he also dislikes seafood but he ended up accidentally eating them both with no problems.

If you look at this tweet, you’ll see which dishes we received. My favourites were the 2 entrees followed by the cheese and the dessert. For our entrees, we got a prawn and Spanish pork. For cheese, contal.

Meals also change everyday so you’re guaranteed a new experience each time you go!

3 Restaurants in Paris You Must Go To - Dress Up, Chow Down

Behold, my first text overlay image with Photoshop. I did it so you can Pin it lmao. Be nice. I’m noob!

Anytime I travel anywhere, I obsessively research food spots I want to visit. For Paris, I made a list of top bakeries, wine shops, and cheese shops – just to name a few 😉 . I definitely suggest doing this if you’re a foodie that loves travel. Just make sure to visit these places when you visit Paris!


What kind of food experiences do you like to have when you travel? Let me know in the comments!

Featured Image Photographed by @dressupchowdown

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