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Lovers in Paris - Dress Up, Chow Down

They say opposites attract and it couldn’t be more true with my boyfriend and I. Normally, this isn’t a problem because we share core values and our lives are heading in the same direction. But, for our first trip planning and travelling to Europe ever and together, it was a little challenging 👿

I’m a foodie and I’m also obsessed with photographing landscapes and spaces in beautiful, golden light. So when I travel, I’ll make a list of restaurants I have to go to, attractions I want to photograph, and areas I’d love to explore. Mike, on the other hand, is more laissez-faire and doesn’t like to travel with an itinerary.

Today, I want to share with you 4 WAYS we handled our differences before travelling to Paris and tell you how you can apply this to any person that you travel with – significant other or not! 🙂

Understand End Goal

From the beginning, I knew Mike didn’t have the same idea about this trip as I did. He wanted to relax and take it easy on the schedule. While I had a treasure hunt planned for restaurants and pretty places. But, I didn’t think it would hurt to ask him what he wanted from this trip. So I did and I was right 😉

Ask your companion what they want out of the trip so you can take steps to make the trip something that suits the both of you. If your partner wants to relax, ask them what their idea of relaxation is and include it.

Determine Deal Breakers

Because Mike didn’t want to operate by a schedule, he was assertive about not having any reservations or time commitments made – outside of my cousin’s wedding, of course. And to be clear, I agreed – even with my list. For me, my list is just a list of things I have to see but I’m really flexible about when we actually go.

As a blogger, though, I was adamant about scheduling shoots for content while we were there. I mean, it was frickin’ Paris! So I was clear about planning a shoot. While he wasn’t jumping for joy, he understood my blog was important to me. Plus, he would rather go with me to my shoot than have me go alone 😉

Much like relationships, deal breakers are important to discuss. If they don’t work, you guys don’t work.

Lovers in Paris - Dress Up, Chow Down

Mind Partner’s Needs

Jet lag is some real sh*t and it can easily put a damper in your trip. Mike and I knew we needed to rest (I get tired especially easy) to keep the enthusiasm going but we also knew we didn’t want to spend the majority of our days sleeping and wasting the trip away 🙁 . We had things to see!

If jet lag is something important for you and your travel buddy to tackle, agree on a plan beforehand. We tried adjusting our schedules on the flight to Paris. (The attempt failed.) Additionally, we went to bed at a good time everyday and took care to take naps when needed. (Mike was the only one that napped.)

Delegate Responsibilities

This should really have been said at the beginning but I wanted to end on a strong note.

Planning a trip as a duo or more can be downright annoying. There’s a lot of people to consider and most of the time having too many cooks in the kitchen makes each decision-making process incredibly slow.

Decide who plans the trip and delegate the rest of the responsibilities to avoid confusion. For us, I planned the trip. Mostly because I wanted to but it worked out because Mike didn’t really want to do it anyway. (Score!) But remember to include your partner or group on a decision if it’s necessary.

When in doubt, ask. But, be decisive 🙂


To be perfectly honest, my preferred method of travelling is solo. But, sometimes you can’t avoid it and sometimes it’s a different type of joy to experience. Embrace it, be considerate, and have fun.

Have you ever travelled with someone totally unlike you? Let me know in the comments!

Photography by Katie Mitchell

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