Where to Stay in Paris w/ Airbnb

Where to Stay in Paris w/ Airbnb - Dress Up, Chow Down

One of the questions I get the most about Paris is, “Where do I stay?” Usually these questions are from women who don’t want to stay somewhere unsafe and who want to be close to anything they could possibly want to go to. Now traditionally, people think of hotels when it comes to travel accommodations but with the dawn of an advanced and intuitive age, we have Airbnb as a comparable alternative 😉

Instead of booking a hotel where you share a building with many other people, you can rent an entire home for the duration of your stay. I like that Airbnb has a lot of options and they are usually attractive and cozy.

Today, I’m happy to share with you 3 ways that you can narrow down the choices in order to find the best Airbnb for you when you’re in Paris! Because who wants to be quiet for their neighbours?

Where to Stay in Paris w/ Airbnb - Dress Up, Chow Down


Paris is divided into 20 neighbourhoods or arrondissements. Each one is different and characterized by the amount of tourists you’re likely to see, attractions, walkability to attractions, vibe, and safety.

To get a better understanding of these neighbourhoods, I used this resource and this resource. I liked reading about which areas were laden with more tourists, more restaurants, no hookers etc. I’m being serious, one neighbourhood supposedly has a significant sighting of hookers! 👿

We ended up staying in the 10th by Canal Saint Martin. It was very safe and very close to two subway stations. But you’re likely to find that proximity to public transit no matter what neighbourhood you’re in. The subway in Paris is one of the best that I’ve experienced along with Montreal’s.

To filter by neighbourhood, click filters and then the drop-down menu to reveal the choices.


Where to Stay in Paris w/ Airbnb - Dress Up, Chow Down


With Airbnb, you can filter listings by checking and un-checking things like internet, washer, dryer, kitchen, air conditioning etc. All of those things were things I wanted so I included those in my search 🙂

When I travel, I like to feel like I’m still at home. I also like the option to cook even though it’s super unlikely. Even just having a fridge makes me feel more at ease. Personally, I liked having orange juice in the fridge while I was there because it helped with my sleep deprivation and hunger-inducing bouts of nausea.


You can also filter by amenities that are a little outside of the box.

For example, you can search for listings that have 24-hour check-ins. This might come in handy if you’re arriving at a weird time and worried that you won’t get in. Something I like to look for is a host that speaks English. I like knowing that I have someone reliable to turn to close by. Our host Antoine, actually took 15 minutes to walk back to the Airbnb after he left just to make sure that we got the wi-fi password right!

Where to Stay in Paris w/ Airbnb - Dress Up, Chow Down

People have different styles of living abroad – sometimes by choice and sometimes limited by resources. Personally, I have stayed in hostels and find them useful depending on the destination. But, if you’re a “home away from home” gal like myself, you’ll be pleased to find that Airbnb does well to provide you with what you need at a reasonable budget. *Filtering by budget is absolutely possible.

How do you like to live abroad? Hostel, hotel, homestay, or Airbnb?

Photography by @dressupchowdown

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