Dress Up, Chow Down | Turtleneck Elegance in the West Village

Turtleneck Elegance

(There is a secret about my turtleneck at the bottom.) I’ll never forget this funny exchange I had with my photographer, Niki. She iMessage’d me a picture of this

Downtown Detroit in Banana Republic | Dress Up, Chow Down

Downtown in Banana Republic

When I started my blog, I knew I wanted to feature both of the beautiful cities around me – the one I live in and the one across the border. Downtown Detroit has a big…

Brewin’ Bros Cafe

You’d think that coffee would be the reason that someone likes a cafe. Nowadays, it’s a lot more likely the reasons are because they like the wi-fi, the tables, or the endless

Dress Up, Chow Down | Classic Fall Layers

Classic Fall Layers

Let’s face it, one of everyone’s favourite things to wear in the Fall is a sweater. Yet, depending on the occasion, wearing a sweater might not be doing you any justice.